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as a Musician 

“ a truly outstanding musician with an inherent sense of natural musicianship in multiple musical disciplines.  She is a gifted teacher."

Tom Leslie, Director of Wind Studies 

University of Nevada Las Vegas


as a College Professor

The learning environment was dynamic, positive, and fun.  Her enthusiasm for the subject matter, American Jazz music, was infectious, and the students were engaged and appreciative - a tribute to her teaching skill.”

Dr. David Zielinski, Dean of Humanities

Imperial Valley College, CA

as a 4th-8th Grade  Music Teacher 

“She took on a very challenging group of inner city students who had never played an instrument, or who had played  by "ear", so  were not able to read music.  She worked hard to develop techniques to engage the students and fill in their many musical gaps.  By year two students were able to read and count music and play more musically.  Within 4 years she turned them into a band worthy of competition.”

Dr. Valerie Abad, Superintendent

Conservatory of Vocal/Instrumental Arts

Oakland, CA

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