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Pirulito que Bate Bate


the drumming lollipop


Samba history

Video #1​ Carnival 

  • Carnival is celebrated all over the world by many cultures.

  • Carnival is known for flamboyant Costumes, upbeat music, and dancing. 

  • Brazil's musical roots grew from 3 groups of people; indigenous South American Indians, Portuguese immigrants, and African slaves.

Video #2​ What is Samba?

  • samba music is defined by its pulsing drum groove and polyrhythms

  • samba is meant for dancing; it is a style of dance

  • there are many types of samba patterns

  • this video demonstrates the samba enredo pattern 

Video #3​ Escola de Samba

  • Escola de Samba = Samba School

  • dancers and musicians rehearse all year to compete at Carnival

  • not to be confused with an actual school, Escola de Samba is more like a club

Video #4​ Carnival 2018

  • experience the sights and sounds of Carnival

  • notice elements of the music; what makes it unique from other types of music you hear? 

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